Social Media in One Happy Hour a Week

    -  Keynote Speaker Donna Maria Coles Johnson

The Joy of Soapmaking  -  Elin Criswell

Pursuing Your Passions in an Age of New Regulations

    -  Donna Maria Coles Johnson

Saponification, Superfatting and Synergy... What

Really Happens When All Those Oils Get Together

in Your Soap Pot!  -  David Fisher

Whipping Up Soap  -  Chris King

DWCP:  Water Calculations in CP Soapmaking

    -  Roxanne Shirvan

Swirling Cold Process Soap  -  Margie Lemons

Soap Painting  ​-  Kris Hockey



Basics of Soapmaking  -  Elin Criswell

Experimenting with EO Blending  -  David Fisher

Lotion Making  -  Chris King

Making Hydrosols  -  Kris Hockey

Soap Felting  -  Bobbie O'Brien

Show Stopping Effects Using Your Log Mold

   ​-  Margie Lemons

The Wrap Party:  Celebrating Creativity in Packaging  ​-  Kathy White


Basic Soapmaking ​ -  Amanda Gail

Successful Soap Sales  -  Cha Wanar Tucker

Hot Process Soap Making  -  Sylett Strickland

Facial Masks  -  Kris Hockey

Milk Soap Making  -  Tracy Dusek

Soap Felting  -  Bobbie O'Brien

Peacock Soap Swirling  -  Amanda Gail


Making Soap / Making Money  -  Elin Criswell

Soapin' $cent$  -  Chris King

Goal Setting for Success  -  Tracy Shaw

Basic Soapmaking  -  Kathy White

Liquid Glycerin Soapmaking  -  Sylett Strickland

Not All Created Equal... A Study of the Property of Oils

    -  Melanie Brown

Coloring Soap ... Beyond Beige and Brown  ​-  Kathy White

Making Bath Candies  -  Starlene Moore

Goat's Milk Lotion  -  Laurey Rowley

How to Make Wooden Soap Molds  ​-  Kris Hockey


Creating Your Signature Blend  -  Theresa Mendez

Building a Successful Marketing Strategy  -  Emily Alvarez

Chemistry & Soap Making  -  Faith White

Get Your Swirl On With CP Soap  -  Kathy White

Sell Your Suds!  Soap Selling for Introverts  -  Elin Criswell

Basic Soap Making  -  Stacy Durham

How to Make Glycerin Soap  -  Kathy White

It's Soap! Artistic Design in Melt & Pour  

     -  Sherry Henderson-Carley

Decorative Soap Cakes  -  Chris King

All About Clays  -  Pat Potter

Graphic Design for Labels  -  ​Gary Brown


Start an Online Shop ... You CAN Do It!  -  Katie White

This Little Soaper Went to Market  -  Dawn Gemmell

Needlefelt Your Soaps to Make Awesome Gifts  -  Bobbie O'Brien


Planning Picture Perfect Photos  -  Gary Brown

Lucy & Ethel's New Hobby / Lucy & Ethel Go Into Business  -  Chris King

Social Media Basics... Promoting Your Soap Business Online  -  Mindy Curnutt

Basic Soap Making... It's History and Techniques  -  Kathleen Ezeh

Show & Tell ... Adventures in Liquid Soap

   -  Jackie Thompson